Making a Difference


To give the best possible chance of early recovery for men and women from alcohol and drug addiction by monitoring recovery through Turning Point’s original “Support Team System” while providing a safe, structured, and supportive living environment.


Call for Addresses Phone: (615) 823-0781
Nashville, TN FAX: (615) 750-5688


There is no fraternization allowed but we do have supervised interaction at special house functions.


Female House: Opened in February 2001. Covered front porch, rear patio with privacy fence, security light, kitchen with eating area, two sitting areas, five bedrooms, and two full baths. Near Thompson Lane and Nolensville Road and close to various meetings in the area.

Main House For Males: Opened in March 2001. It is an extremely nice house with high ceilings and large rooms. It has seven bedrooms with three full baths, two large living areas, spacious kitchen with eating area, large front porch, privacy fence in the back yard, and security light. It is within walking distance to meetings.

Male House #2: Opened in December 1997. House is three blocks from the main house. It has high ceilings, five bedrooms, two and one half baths, spacious kitchen, and two sitting areas. House is four blocks South of I440 and one block off Nolensville Rd..

All houses are within two blocks of city bus service and close to grocery stores.


Environment is an important part of recovery. Each house was renovated before opening. They are all well maintained and nicely decorated.


It is suggested to “run with the winners.” Each house surrounds the newcomer with a management support team of staff members who are proven winners. This provides the newcomer with individualized attention giving him the best possible chance at recovery. Staff Members make sure that the newcomer knows exactly how, when, where, and what to do in order to recover so practically the only way a resident can fail is through lack of willingness. Staff members are accountable for leading by example, motivating positive results, and inspecting what we expect.


The twelve-step program has been proven to work for those who completely give themselves to the simple program. Completion of twelve steps with a sponsor, in house recovery support meetings, and attendance at AA/NA/CA meetings is required. The in house recovery support group charge is $20 per person per group; however, the fee is paid from other funding sources for qualifying residents. Continuous abstinence from alcohol & drugs is also required. Additional house rules further insure a safe, structured, and supportive living environment. In house management support teams monitor all of the above.


Many residents attend IOP at local treatment centers in the evenings. IOP patients contribute gas money to ride with residents that are approved to have cars. Also, many residents are referred to local agencies such as Mental Health Cooperative and Centerstone, which offer psychiatrists, psychologists, master’s level clinicians, nurses and bachelor’s level professionals.


Resident’s are encouraged to get involved and submit ideas for planned activities in writing for approval. Past activities have included field trips to NASCAR races, white water rafting/camping, bowling, and Titan games.


Gratitude is an action word! Commitment to recovery and loyalty to Turning Point will not go unnoticed! Residents from all the houses are recognized at a monthly appreciation meeting. Special Turning Point key tags are earned for 30 days of doing “the next right thing, ” being voted resident of the week, completing a fifth step with a sponsor from the Big Book or Basic Text, and completing the tenth step with a sponsor from the Big Book or Basic Text. A unique Turning Point coffee cup is earned after completing your 5th step with a sponsor from the Big Book or Basic text. A special two tone, gold plated, quartz Turning Point watch is earned after completing all 12 steps! Turning Point invests more time and money in our residents than other houses because we expect more from our residents than other houses.


Qualified residents are responsible to pay $165 per week. Resident understands that the weekly fee does not cover all costs of the program and that, as a nonprofit organization, Turning Point seeks other funding sources to help defray operational costs. Although the actual cost is $43.57 per night, other funding sources pay $20 per night and the consumer will be only be responsible for paying the balance of $23.57 per night. $20 is for the bed which is paid from other funding sources for qualifying residents and $21.43 is for the administrative costs to be billed to the resident once per week in advance at $150. A $350 admission fee is due upon admission. Admission fee covers $150 for the first week non-refundable administrative costs, $20 non-refundable miscellaneous deposit plus $150 refundable deposit if the resident leaves compliant and gives at least two week notice. The administrative fee includes phone, washer & dryer, kitchen use, cable, utilities, salaries, office supplies, and other operating costs. Linen, transportation, food, and household items are not provided, however, bed linens are available for those in need.

We also assist residents with food banks, food stamps, a discount on bus passes and day labor sources to help obtain money for bus passes or gas money when riding with other residents that are approved to have a car.


We provide leads for a number of employers to assist the residents to find full-time employment.


Turning Point Recovery Residence, Inc. has a Nonprofit Charter with the State Tennessee and a 501(c)(3) with the IRS. This project is founded by the State of Tennessee for a very limited amount of residents so we are still in great need for additional contributions. Thank you for your support.